Poetry Matters

In 2004, the Linden Hills Neighborhood Council decided it would be a good idea to have a neighborhood Poet Laureate to emphasize the role poetry can have in bringing a community together. Doug Wilhide was appointed the Poet Laureate of Linden Hills and continues to serve the neighborhood in this way.

doug wilhide

The Linden Hills Poetry Group puts on poetry readings, slams, and salons throughout the year. Questions? Contact Doug.

Amazingly Good Poetry From an Extraordinary Neighborhood

between the lakes book
This collection of 75 poems by 11 poets who live in the Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis will make you laugh, make you think, break your heart and give you hope.

A great gift for anyone who likes poetry or has ties to the neighborhood or the city. Perfect for birthdays, Christmas, hostess gifts, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day… and when the kids leave home… or come back.

Available at Linden Hills merchants or directly from Trolley Car Press. $20 includes tax, postage, shipping and handling. Contact Doug to order.