LHiNC Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is comprised of up to 15 members, over the age of 18, who reside in Linden Hills. Board members are elected at the LHiNC Annual Meeting in October of each year, and serve a two year staggered term.


The LHiNC Board

Bonnie Bolton: 952-649-7511
Thomas Braun: 952-836-9450
Dawn Chapman: 612-922-4404
Russ Cheatham, Secretary: 612-564-5669
Lori Dockendorf: 612-709-8232
Beth Forsythe: 612-987-8017
Benjamin Gansen: 319-331-5846
Grant Hawthorne, Co-Chair: 612-508-1937
Tim Herrmann: 415-608-5605
Christopher Maddox: 612-703-1665
Sean Madigan: 202-341-5230
Constance Pepin, Co-Chair: 612-922-1253
Cameron Slick: 612-236-7869
Tim Voltz, Treasurer: 612-927-5503


Linden Hills Neighborhood Coordinator

Christy Prediger: 612-481-5574