NRP: Neighborhood Revitalization Program

NRP is a unique program which aims to change the future of Minneapolis neighborhoods, making them better places to live, work, learn and play. NRP provides funding to support neighborhood organizations’ administrative needs, as well as to create a variety of neighborhood improvement projects.

Community-based planning and priority-setting direct how these funds were allocated in areas such as:

  • housing improvements
  • park enhancements
  • crime prevention
  • community-building events
  • newsletter development
  • environmental initiatives
  • and more!

NRP was split into two ten-year phases. Phase I began in 1994 and LHiNC received funding of $1.76 million under this program phase. Ninety-nine percent of those funds are encumbered or expended to date. Phase II began in 2003 and LHINC is currently implementing several projects. Funds totaling $530,161 were allocated for LHINC NRP Phase II.

In Linden Hills, the LHiNC Board of Directors oversees the process of planning and implementing NRP projects.

NRP: Phase I

LHINC completed their NRP Phase I program (1994-2004) with volunteers compiling a thorough review of the effort. This includes a neighborhood survey of 500 randomly selected households, 12 focus groups, and an updated status report of each of the 45 Phase I strategies (projects).

NRP Phase I Plan Summary: This 7-page report is drawn from the longer, full review and highlights the major outcomes from Linden Hills’ NRP Phase I.

NRP Phase I Project Summary: This 2-page table gives thumbnail descriptions of all of the implemented projects from Phase I, as well as project costs and implementation dates.

NRP Phase I Full Plan: This 31-page document includes overall outcomes of the Linden Hills NRP Phase I Plan plus detailed descriptions of the status of every project in the original Linden Hills NRP Phase I Action Plan.

NRP: Phase II

In 2005 the neighborhood voted to adopt the Linden Hills NRP Phase II action plan! This plan includes a variety of neighborhood improvement projects. Funds totaling $530,161 were allocated for LHINC NRP Phase II.

 NRP Phase II Action Plan