46th & France Proposed Apartment Building

In April, following a one-year moratorium on large scale development in Linden Hills, local developer Scott Carlston of Hunter Emerson presented plans for a completely redesigned 52-unit apartment building, which varied from the original proposal by reducing the building height, eliminating the commercial space, and designing the alley-facing side of the building as a second “front” with private entrances and extensive landscaping to present a better face to the neighbors across the alley.  This plan would have required that the property, composed of a single-family home, a 16-unit apartment building, and two 5-plexes, be rezoned to R-5, a high-density residential zoning code that would allow for a building significantly larger than this 52-unit proposal.  Neighbors expressed concern that if the rezoning to R-5 were approved, a much larger building may someday be built on the site.

In response, Carlston is now reviewing another reduction of overall building size and density that may allow the development to work within the medium-density R4 zoning classification. Carlston will present revised plans to LHiNC’s September board meeting.