LHiNC Committees

New members are always welcome! Consider getting involved in one of our active committees:

Communications Committee

Produces and distributes the bi-monthly Linden Hills Line newsletter, delivered to almost 3,000 residences, the monthly e-newsletter, that inform residents, businesses and others interested in timely information concerning Linden Hills and LHiNC, and manages the content of the LHiNC website LindenHills.org. The Committee also coordinates publicity for Linden Hills events.

Environment/Sustainability CommitteeThe Committee mission is to assist the Linden Hills neighborhood in creating and maintaining a sustainable, beautiful and healthy environment for Linden Hills residents. This includes, but is not limited to, creating and maintaining a healthy urban forest, care and concern for the quality of the lakes and the watershed of which we are a part, the quality of the air and the beauty of our surroundings. We act by educating residents about more sustainable ways of interacting with the environment, planting trees, and organizing and empowering residents to work on environmental issues of concern to them.

Finance CommitteeThe Finance Committee oversees the financial management of LHiNC and NRP funds for Linden Hills. The Committee reviews requests for donations and makes funding recommendations to the Board. The Committee reviews LHiNC Grant applications for the grant cycles in spring and fall.

Zoning CommitteeThe Zoning Committee consists of residents interested in the topic of zoning, but do not work for the city nor claim they are experts in the City zoning codes. The Zoning Committee reviews all variance requests for the Linden Hills neighborhood.