There are many transportation options for traveling in and around Minneapolis in general and Linden Hills in particular. From Metro Transit bus options to car sharing to an even newer concept: bike sharing. Check out the links below to start exploring in and around Fulton.

Bus Routes

Linden Hills is on the Metro Transit 6 bus line. You can get just about anywhere in Minneapolis and St. Paul by hopping on one of the bus routes running through the neighborhood. Routes travel north-south along France Ave S and Xerxes Ave S and connect east-west along West 39th St. Their destinations include University of Minnesota via Uptown Transfer Station (Route 6), an express University route (Route 152), downtown Minneapolis (Route 146), St. Paul and Light Rail via 46th Street/ (Route 46).  For current bus schedules, go to Metro Transit’s website,, and click on their ROUTES tab at the top of the page.

Car Sharing Program

HOURCAR is a great alternative if you only have occasional needs for a car, and Linden Hills is home to HOURCAR hub number 36, located in the parking lot of Settergren Ace Hardware. Look for the light blue Toyota Prius, with the LHiNC logo on the side.

The Linden Hills car uses a supplemental battery that enables utilization of more electric energy than a typical hybrid electric vehicle. Settergren Ace Hardware generously contributes use of its parking lot space for the vehicle hub, and their building’s array of rooftop solar panels (installed by the Linden Hills Co-Op in 2007) helps provide electricity to the hub.

HOURCAR members make reservations to use any of the cars in the HOURCAR fleet and pay per hour and per mile for their usage.

With HOURCAR, you can reserve a car when you need it, drive it where you want to, let someone else worry about car payments, parking, insurance, and maintenance! To sign up and to learn more about the features and benefits of this car-sharing program, visit



Minneapolis is known for its bike commuters and is second only to Portland, Oregon – quite a feat for such a wintry city. New and updated bike lanes are coming soon for Linden Hills and the Fulton neighborhood to the south. Check out information about the bike lanes coming to the neighborhood and more information for bike enthusiasts on our Biking page.

Nice Ride

In May 2013, the Nide Ride bike-sharing program installed a station in Linden Hills at Upton & Sheridan. It’s easy to use and so convenient. Take a bike when you need one and return it to any station in the Twin Cities system. Stations have also recently been installed near The Bakken and near the Lake Harriet Bandshell. More info at

Bike Rental

There are several options for renting bicycles in our area. Bikes (as well as canoes, kayaks and paddle boards) can be rented hourly or by the day.

Metro Mobility

Metro Mobility is a public transportation system for individuals who are unable to use existing transportation systems for various reasons. For more information or to complete their 2-part application, go to: